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For those times in life when filling their table will warm their hearts.
Simplifying meal coordination so friends, family, neighbors and co-workers can show they care.

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Create a customized online sign up sheet to include phone numbers, driving directions, food allergies and more that makes it easy for friends and family to take meals to those in need. Learn more by viewing a sample schedule or creative meal schedule ideas.


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Eclair Pudding Cake
Eclair Pudding Cake     Posted by: on Jul 22, 2015
This recipe is one of Comfy in the Kitchen's best loved. It's not only delicious, it's simple, and a great treat for the Summer heat. If you're making a meal for someone, this is a great [...]
Introducing Sparrow's Flowers
Introducing Sparrow's Flowers     Posted by: on Jul 15, 2015
A few months ago, the owner of one of my favorite shops, The Lady Jane, posted the photo above. Not only were these flowers breathtaking, but the [...]
Caring Ideas During Chemo
Caring Ideas During Chemo     Posted by: on Jul 8, 2015
Recently, Dr. Elan Miller authored a post with 44 ways to make the day of someone with cancer. It's a list you will want to save and [...]

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