We are Ready to Help You in 2017
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Posted By: Adina Bailey, Co-Founder, TakeThemAMeal.com on Jan 6, 2017

We are Ready to Help You in 2017

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! We are entering 2017 after our best year yet for both TakeThemAMeal.com and PerfectPotluck.com. Our staff loved supporting your work of planning and caring for others. We cannot imagine a better way to spend our time.

We are inspired by the way SO MANY of you are serving behind the scenes. Whether it's stirring soup to take to a friend or picking up a veggie platter to feed a family after a funeral, you are doing the unseen acts that make our friendships and communities stronger. Thank you.

This week, we were fortunate to move our offices and we now have a new space for serving you better. In some ways, it's unbelievable that from this relatively small space we will assist in coordinating millions of generous acts that blanket this country. The size of the space definitely does not reflect the magnitude of the incredible work you and others are doing each and every day!

We hope it goes without saying that we cannot wait to continue our work with you in 2017. Each meal and gathering that you prepare makes a meaningful difference. If you need any assistance along the way, please let us know. I'm biased for sure, but the three women who assist our users are among the kindest women that I know and they are happy to help you.

We are Ready to Help You in 2017

Warmest regards,
Adina Bailey
on behalf of the TakeThemAMeal.com team

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Hello friends! As you are caring for others with meals, we hope you find our blog full of tested recipes and thoughtful ideas to encourage you along the way.

The five of us look forward to hearing from you. Please email us.

Adina, Kate, Janelle, Rachel, Maureen
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