Our New, Interactive Potluck Calculator
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Posted By: Adina Bailey, Co-Founder, TakeThemAMeal.com on Oct 1, 2015

Our New, Interactive Potluck Calculator

Recently, a small dream of mine came true - I had an idea brewing for a few years and Scott, (our TakeThemAMeal.com Co-founder), brought it to life - and even better than I imagined!

I know from planning potlucks that it's often a challenge to figure out how much food is needed for a group meal. I also received this question a good bit when I would reply to emails sent to our PerfectPotluck.com website. Coordinators of large events were frequently uncertain as to how much food they should include on their meal plan.

So... I did some research on general recommendations, combined it with my own experience and we hope the result is helpful. From groups of 10 to 500, our calculator will help you plan your group meal.

Here are some additional helpful tips when you use the calculator:

  1. Feel free to add a category for decorations as that can be a helpful addition when youre planning a large potluck
  2. Suggest in your Note that bringing vegetables can help balance the meal if a lot of people are bringing starches or carbohydrates as side dishes
  3. If more families are attending your event than individuals, be sure to ask your guests to sign up for 2-3 different items.

We hope our new calculator makes your party planning easier! Happy Potlucking!

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