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Help Bring Wilson Home
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Posted By: Adina Bailey, Co-Founder, TakeThemAMeal.com on May 9, 2013

Help Bring Wilson Home

Our family is fortunate to be friends with many families who have chosen to adopt, and I have had the opportunity to babysit, teach, and take these families meals over the years. (Families who adopt an infant or an older child definitely appreciate meals during the weeks when they welcome a new child into their home, so don't forget to think of them when you are considering who could use some meals.)

The purpose of this post is to introduce you to my inspiring friends, Molly and Jeff, who are in the process of adopting "Wilson" from an orphanage in Eastern Europe. Wilson is a sweet, 6 year old boy with Down Syndrome and a significant heart condition requiring a pacemaker. Due to his age, he will soon be moved from his orphanage to a mental institution, so our friends are trying to move ahead with the adoption as quickly as possible to prevent this transition. Molly has a background in special education, and her heart has been drawn to this little boy.

As you know, the cost of adoption is very high, so Molly and Jeff are trying to raise the necessary funds for Wilson's adoption. You can read more about their story here. I know they would be appreciative of financial gifts of any size as they are working to bring Wilson home.

Click here to read more and provide a financial gift to help bring Wilson home.

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