Easy DIY Spring Card/Gift Holder
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Posted By: Adina Bailey, Co-Founder, TakeThemAMeal.com on May 25, 2012

Easy DIY Spring Card/Gift Holder

Sara is a ray of sunshine and very creative. She owns the vintage antiques and accessories shop, The Lady Jane, in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Just walking into her store makes me smile.

This week, Sara shared a fantastic idea on her Facebook page and Im so grateful that she gave me permission to share her project on our blog. I can imagine so many ways to use this DIY SpringCard/Gift Holder to encourage a friend. You could send one of these cute holders along with your meal filling it with an encouraging note, photos, or a copy of your recipe.

Easy DIY Spring Card / Gift Holder

Materials: pretty papers (these are 12 x 12 scrapbook sheets), cutting board, ribbon or raffia (optional)

Easy DIY Spring Card / Gift Holder

Cut strips into 4 inch lengths, fold each strip into thirds. Trim the 2 flaps diagonally.

Easy DIY Spring Card / Gift Holder

Cut coordinating paper into identical strips.

Easy DIY Spring Card / Gift Holder

Place strips as seen. Here you could either place a small gift, photo, or write a message to someone you love. If you would like to make the envelope more permanent, glue the papers together (glue only the square sections).

Easy DIY Spring Card / Gift Holder

Fold ends in, starting under - over - over - tuck under...

Easy DIY Spring Card / Gift Holder


Easy DIY Spring Card / Gift Holder

If you want to add a little embellishment, ribbon or raffia would be a sweet touch. A small gift like earrings or photos would fit nicely into this envelope/pouch.

Find other great ideas at TheLadyJaneShop.com.

Thanks, Sara, for this adorable idea!

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