DIY Decorative Oatmeal Container
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Posted By: Adina Bailey, Co-Founder, on Jun 18, 2012

DIY Decorative Oatmeal Container

Recently, our family enjoyed a few days away at a friends lake house. We love our time at this beautiful home and its so nice to disconnect from our work for a bit. As I prepared for our trip, I packed some craft supplies for the kids so they would have some creative endeavors to keep their hands busy while we were away.

I like to save containers that would be useful for taking cookies along with meals that I deliver to friends. Recently, I tucked away an empty oatmeal container thinking it would be great to fill with cookies for an upcoming meal I was preparing.

While we were at the lake, my daughter was cutting some paper we brought to make a necklace pendant. As I was sitting with her, I thought I would experiment with making a paper flower for the empty oatmeal container at home. If I could cover the container with decorative paper and then attach the flower, it could be a cheerful way to transport the cookies.

As my daughter was making her pendant...

DIY Decorative Oatmeal Container

I began experimenting. First, I traced the cap from a Gatorade bottle four times, to make a flower shape. I did this twice so I would have two layers of large petals.

DIY Decorative Oatmeal Container

Then, I traced a quarter to create two layers of smaller petals.

DIY Decorative Oatmeal Container

Through the middle of all four layers, I inserted a brass fastener.

DIY Decorative Oatmeal Container

When we returned home from the lake, I took the label off of my oatmeal container, and traced it on decorative paper to get a piece of paper the exact same size. This paper happened to have a design on the back, so I glued my extra strip onto the decorative paper.

DIY Decorative Oatmeal Container

Then, I glued the decorative paper onto the oatmeal container and poked the brass fastener through the container to secure the flower. I had some paper left, so I used the coordinating side to decorate the top of the lid as well. I used hot glue to adhere the paper to the lid and a decorative gem to the middle of the flower.

DIY Decorative Oatmeal Container

This project couldnt have been easier and I completed the container with items I already had on hand. I inserted parchment paper to line the container and filled it with chocolate chip cookies.

DIY Decorative Oatmeal Container

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